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Download version 3.0 (February 07, 2009)

Version History

Version 3.0 (02-07-2009)
     - Added H.264 automatic compression. File size is smaller, but takes longer to compress
     - Using new versions of tivodecoder and mencoder, which should help performance
     - Fixed compatibility problems with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Now requires version 10.5 or higher. Version 10.5.6 recommended
     - Fixed startup delay with the version checking feature
Version 2.1 (01-08-2007)
     - Rewrote download process to improve reliability (redesigned decoding/conversion process, revised cancel procedure, revised auto-retry detection and recovery, plus additional improvements to prevent failures and to compensate for poor network connections)
     - Download times are far more accurate for MPEG-4 files (as a result of the revised download process)
     - For MPEG-4 files, estimated download size has been replaced by a more accurate percentage completed
     - Option-clicking of Cancel Download button while downloading a queue will stop download queue, not just the individual active download
     - Return key now set to download selected show and not refresh the Now Playing list
     - Shows can now be removed from the queue using the delete key
     - Added original show date in detail panel
     - Fixed problem when sorting by show length
     - Removed overwrite check when using the queue
     - Fixed problem with overwrite check with files with certain characters in the name
     - Fixed problem with download location check with FileVault-enabled accounts
     - Fixed inconsistency with show length in Now Playing list and detail panel
     - Added keyframes for MPEG-4 files, allowing for smoother seeking in Quicktime
     - Auto-import into iTunes no longer imports cancelled downloads and sets shows over 70 minutes without an episode name as Movies (not TV Shows)
     - PPC version of MPEG-4 encoder recompiled using newer compiler, increasing efficiency and possibly fixing some problems
Version 2.0.1 (01-02-2007)
     - Added check for valid download location before downloading
     - Added prompt to ask to overwrite existing file
     - Fixed connection delay and 128 show limit when TiVo has more than 128 shows
     - Fixed iTunes import bug where Show Name and Episode metatags were incorrect, and added episode number and year
     - Fixed odd filename when there is no episode name
     - Fixed at least one "divide by zero" error when downloading an MPEG-4
Version 2.0 (01-01-2007)
     - MPEG-4 on-the-fly encoding now supported on both Intel and PowerPC, fixes some problems with some shows not converting at all and increased conversion speed.
     - Significantly improved reliability of downloads, especially on slow transfers and large files
     - Moved Media Access Key, download location and file format to a preferences panel
     - Added option in preferences panel to automatically add MPEG-4 file to iTunes TV Shows (iTunes does not support MPEG-2)
     - Added option to select custom MPEG-4 compression settings
     - Added estimated time of download completion
     - Added indicator of completed downloads (not shown if download is manually cancelled)
     - Added additional detail panel, including actors/actresses, channel, genres, rating, length, and recording quality
     - Added length of show to Now Playing list
     - Added option to automatically check for a new version of TDM upon launch
     - Improved Bonjour detection reliability
     - Added Growl notification support. Requires Growl to be installed and running. See for more information.
     - Added show description to Spotlight comments
     - Fixed bug where Cancel Download button would remain active after a download completes
     - Fixed bug where non-administrator users could not download programs
     - Fixed visual glitch where window would briefly display at default size before switching to saved size
     - Can now reverse-sort any column in Now Playing
Added Help menu that links to the FAQ
Version 1.5.5 (12-17-2006)
     - Changed MPEG-4 compressor to mencoder (rather than ffmpeg) to fix audio sync issue with MPEG-4 movies. This feature is Intel-only for this release, but will be Universal soon.
     - Fixed problem when a quote was in the name of the TiVo
     - Increased amount of time TDM waits for TiVo to send data
Version 1.5 (12-14-2006)
     - Added preliminary support for on-the-fly transcoding to an iPod-compatible MPEG-4 compressed Quicktime movie
Version 1.2.1 (12-13-2006)
    - Added ability to select multiple items at once (using the shift or Apple key) to add/remove items in the queue
     - Main window is now split so you can resize the "Now Playing" and "Download Queue" lists
     - Fixes problem when downloading where one received "error -51" message in the Finder when copying files
Version 1.2 (12-13-2006)
     - Thanks to the great input by a lot of users, this version really should improve compatibility. It introduces a new way to determine if a file is downloading, and also slightly changes the way it connects to the TiVo.
     - If your window disappears immediately after launching or any graphics/text overlap, try deleting the "com.TiVoDecode.TiVoDecode.plist" file from your ~/Library/Preferences folder
Version 1.1.6 (12-11-2006)
     - Continued to work on compatibility issues
     - Will auto-connect to last selected TiVo (even if IP changes). You must select the TiVo from the menu using this version.
     - Changed location of cancel button
     - Changed compile options for tivodecode
Version 1.1.5 (12-10-2006)
     - Fixed many problems downloading, especially when there are special characters in the application and/or download path
     - Added check for Mac OS X 10.4
     - Added Cancel Download button
     - Added list counts
     - Modified date format to allow for proper sorting
Version 1.1.2 (12-09-2006)
     - Added user-selectable download location
Version 1.1.1 (12-09-2006)
     - Fixed limitation where only first 128 TiVo shows were listed
     - Size column is now listed in megabytes
Version 1.1 (12-09-2006)
     - Added batch processing queue to allow for sequential downloads of multiple files
     - Fixed several problems related to folders with spaces in the name
     - Fixed problem when certain TiVoCast programs were present
     - Reduced the frequency of the startup copyright warning message
     - Upgraded to tivodecode 0.1.4
     - New icon (thanks Yudonomi!)
Version 1.0 (12-07-2006)
      - Initial Release