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TiVoDecode Manager (TDM) is a free Applescript Studio interface (i.e. "wrapper") for the tivodecode program that automates the process of downloading of standalone TiVo Series 2 files to your computer and decoding into MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 files. It is not for Series 1 (ever), Series 3, or DirecTiVos (unhacked or hacked). Features include:

  • Bonjour discovery of local TiVos (or enter an IP manually)
  • Listing of show, episode, date recorded, and other information
  • One-click download and decoding of TiVo shows
  • Batch processing queue for multiple downloads
  • On-the-fly transcoding of video to Quicktime/iPod-compatible MPEG-4 or H.264 movie (PPC & Intel)
  • Custom MPEG-4 & H.264 compression options
  • Auto-import MPEG-4 & H.264 files into iTunes' TV Show Library
  • Growl notifications
  • Indicator for completed downloads
  • Version checking option
  • Insertion of show detail in Spotlight comments
  • Episode detail (length, quality, channel, actors/actresses)

This is a an unsupported work in progress. Some things may break as others are being fixed. Use at your own risk.

The decoding is performed by the tivodecode software and the MPEG-4 & H.264 transcoding is performed by mencoder. Both are included in the TDM package, but I had no involvement in either ones' development.

DO NOT SHARE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. This is intended for your own private use as a free alternative to TiVoToGo for Mac.